Seventh Grade

When I got to school on August 26th, I thought, “This will be a total breeze”. Man, did I think wrong.

By the second day, I was already ready to tap out. They were already overwhelming us with pointless homework. It seemed like every night I had at least half a pound worth of homework. I once had to carry a rock around as a counter weight so I wouldn’t tumble backward! And I only had eight days off from all that homework out of 180 days. That’s almost half an entire year! On TOP of the fact that we have to do more work than we should, seven times a day, eight hours a day, five days a week, for 8 1/2 months a year. Who divided this? I am a man of equality, and that is most certainly NOT equality right there!

And to top all of that misery off, you get home, knowing the school day is over, thinking you can relax… ah… oh, wait, there’s MORE work you have to do at home! The whole point of going home on a school day is to RELAX, not more school! We all might as well stay at school for an additional three hours if we get this much! My older sister gets less than half the homework I get, and she’s a Freshman in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. If the school really want us to pass, then why is it so hard? Well, I know its supposed to be challenging, but its WAY too challenging. All homework does is cause extreme depression and stress, which is actually unhealthy, especially at this age. Seriously. The joke has gotten old by now.

But, all that is almost over, as the school year comes to a close. I hope work in eighth grade isn’t as bad as seventh grade’s work. Unless one teacher is cruel enough to give us homework over the summer. Don’t even think about it.

An Alley Cat with One Life Left: A Poem by Jack Prelutsky

I’m an alley cat with one life left,
I started out with nine,
but lost the first in a knockdown fight
with a cat named Frankenstien,
my second went soon after that
to something that I ate,
my third went under a garbage truck-
I noticed it too late.

While strolling through the zoo one day,
I heard an awful roar,
I’d strayed into a lion’s cage-
so much for number four,
I lost my fifth one morning
to a ton of falling bricks,
then tumbled from a window ledge,
and gave up number six.

My seventh went to a Saint Bernard-
I was no match for him,
my eighth was squandered in the lake-
it seems I couldn’t swim,
so now I’d better watch my step,
I’m down to number nine,
I’m an alley cat with one life left,
and glad that life is mine.

I Like(d) Trains

Like a lot of toddlers, I liked to play with toy trains. A lot. I had about 300 wooden track pieces, one being golden, a few being decor, and the others being bridges and stuff. I also had about 30-40 toy trains that could connect using magnets. I had also gotten a huge table for my third birthday to prevent me from making a mess with the millions of pieces I had, even though mot that many fit on the table itself, but i used it anyway.

I especially loved to play with them outside with my sister. The three things I loved most- trains, the outdoors, and family. I don’t think I would’ve been able to go on without any of these things. It’s like a cobra without its fangs. A shark without its devouring jaws. A jellyfish without its stingers. Like a… well… you get the point…



Taken by Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher Awdry

Week 3: Quotes

“Luck is what happens when preperation meets oppourtunity” ~Augie Garrido

Sometimes in life, there are times where you get lucky. Well, most of the time, it’s not luck. Luck is not something that just comes to you. And Augie Garrido is the one who taught me that. Garrido is the head coach of the Texas Longhorns baseball team. He taught me that getting lucky isn’t something that’s just handed to you right off the bat. You need to wait for your opportunity to show it. You also need to prepare for that chance before time. And once that one moment of luck goes your way, that’s when you have confirmed you’re in the zone.

Austin. Nuff said.

Restaurants. Superstores. Public pools. Parks. You name it. Austin has everything you have ever wanted. Austin is a great place to live your life.

Austin is known as the “Music Capital” for a reason. Have you ever wanted to see your favorite composer perform at a concert? What about….. multiple composers? Austin City Limits takes care of that immediately. ACL, if your to a shortening mind. ACL is where for a period of time, a whole lot of music composers come to our Music Capital and perform for the people that have come from almost everywhere to see them. Three blocks, three miles, three Kilometers, another city, another state, another country, or another…. continent, perhaps?

But if your not in the mood for music, there are a whole lot of other things to do. You like golf? Three golf courses, along with a few mini- golf courses for the little ones, and a driving range to practice. You like parks? Zilker has fields to run in, fields (the other kind) to play sprts on, frisbee golf to play, a trail for running and biking on, and a pool to swim in.

So you thought Austin was just an overpopulated capital? Think once more. It’s got more than you think.

Tired Tiger

I was flipping through a Calvin and Hobbes comic book the other day and found a poem in it that I really thought stood out. Then I think…… THIS SHOULD GO ON EDUBLOGS!
Credit to Bill Watterson, Author of the actual book.
So here it is:

Twitchy tufted tail,
A toasty, tawny, tummy,
A tired tiger.

Annoying Your Siblings: A How to By Samw381

SAAAAM!! My name hammers my eardrum from across this spacious hotel. Looks like my siblings found out my little “gift” I left them in their luggage. Every time my family hits the road for a family road trip, I swear my older sister, Katie, regrets the days she lobbed a checkerboard at my head. If you are like me and live to annoy your siblings on road trips, then I recommend you keep reading this post. Aggravating your siblings can be very enjoyable, that is, if you’re ready!
CAUTION: Irritate at your own risk. Do not attempt unless you are prepared for war.

Tip #1- Before you head out, find your brother’s suitcase and find his pajama leggings (if you fail to find the acquired target, just get a normal pair of pants). Tie a knot in one of the legs. If the trip is lengthy, keep doing it, but only on random nights when he’ll never expect it. Also keep in mind to tie the knot towards the bottom of the pants so it is not as noticeable. Optionally, fold the pant leg over the knot so your victim, er… Brother… Will not notice as easy.

Tip #2- When your sibling is watching television, and you hear your parents approaching, quickly start straightening things up in the room– you’ll get endless praise from your parents, while your brother/sister will be frowned upon their laziness. Keep repeating this process until you get bored with it, your sibling catches on, or they just stop watching TV. To amuse yourself while waiting for your parents, find multiple excuses to walk slowly past the TV to block their view.

Tip #3- When you are about to hit the road or go out, hide something of your sibling’s belonging that they will need (ex- phone, headphones, sunglasses, etc.). If the item happens to be a cell phone, make sure to turn it on silent or just completely off. After about 5-10 minutes of searching, you will “find” the item. At first you will be met with thanks, but they will soon catch on and be seriously ticked off.

Like I said before, beware of the consequences– Irritate at your own risk. Don’t try any if these unless you are prepared for war. Especially if one of your sibling has tremendous gorilla strength.

Bored with these tips? Tried them all? Want to learn something new? From tying a tie to more hilarious pranks and dares- I got ’em all! (Most of them, anyway).

Leave it down in the commentary what you want me to do next!

My Shooting Range (Wimps Call it a Backyard)

I obtained a pair of glasses from a crate in my garage. But this was not because I have bad vision, but it was my weekly gunning practice. Not a real gun, but air soft. I owned five, a Beretta 92, a Desert Eagle, an RPD, an R37, and an M34. Which do I need more experience with?
The Beretta shoots far, hard and 2 at a time, but it takes what seems to be three years to reload it. The Desert Eagle was accurate and easy to reload, but it did not have much power. The RPD is powerful, easy to reload, but inaccurate. My R37 is accurate and powerful, but hard to reload. And the M34 is weak, but accurate and I don’t need to worry about reloading. They all had their advantages and disadvantages, so I decided to use them all.

About The Overviews

I know I haven’t done a Seattle Seahawks overview in a while now, so I have decided that at the end of the Seahawk’s season, I will make one BIG blog post that summarizes the whole season (including the ones I have done). So if you notice when the Seahawks season is over and I am not doing anything, remind me.


Pain is red.

It tastes like dirt after being knocked to the ground

and smells like corpses rotting on the battlefield.

It feels like walking on hot, sharp knives

and sounds like nothing but a slow heartbeat.

It looks like the world tipping over.

Pain is the emotion that builds endurance.